Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Mexican Jumping Peanut Lives On

I guess at least this time, he was supposed to jump. Although, you will notice halfway through the song, his Vacation Bible School teacher warns him not to jump all the way off the stage. But no doubt, he enjoyed himself just as much this year. Hope you enjoy, too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Flashback Friday: Mexican Jumping Peanut

In honor of the end of Vacation Bible School today, I am reposting this entry from last year. Tonight is the performance for families; I will let you know if the Mexican Jumping Peanut makes another appearance!

Original Post from July 26, 2008:

Our firstborn recently finished his first week at Vacation Bible School and loved every minute of it (and secondborn vocally wished -- every day in protest form as we left -- that he was old enough to attend as well). We were thoroughly impressed with the organization, lessons, music, and all the fun this summertime program had to offer. And the highlight was the final performance for all of the families at the end of the week filled with singing and dancing as evidenced in the video below. I would make a point to describe where Peanut is, but based on my post title, I think you will find him without any trouble. Suffice it to say that Peanut "likes God" ("oh, yes, it's true").

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oprah's Kristin's Book Club

I attended a graduation party this summer for a student I absolutely adore; she is everything I hope my children will grow up to be: inquisitive and smart but equally as modest, talented in practically every aspect of her life but so giving to others, beautiful on the outside but even more so on the inside. I often tell her parents that I wish they would write a parenting manual; having also taught their older child, I can tell you that they obviously did so many things right. And while I was speaking to the aunt of these two incredible kids, she asked me what I typically read. And I answered honestly: I am addicted to parenting books.

I am one of those people who just wants all of the information -- about any topic -- before I make a decision. This is much harder to do as a parent; there is no real "deadline" for learning new strategies, and the information available is endless, so I just keep on reading. I want so badly to be a great mom to my boys. I know I provide for them and give them all the essentials, but I want them to look back and think, "Wow, we had a great mom who understood us and loved us so much." The aunt at the party asked if I had read her favorite parenting book. Not yet, but as coincidence would have it, I had recently placed that book on my online library reading list. She said it helped her more than any other parenting book out there. So I was excited, and I checked it out from the library a few days later.

I even love the title. I really want my kids to listen to what my husband and I say, but I also want them to talk to us about whatever is on their minds. And I am here to tell you, thirtyish pages later, that I am already excited about the methods in this book. I haven't even finished chapter one, but I wanted to invite any other moms or dads out there to read it, too. Grab it from your local library like I did and read along with me! Or, if you are a parent who has already read it, let us know: Did it help you communicate better with your children? I'd love for you to share your thoughts.

I admit that I am a total nerd when it comes to finding a good book, but usually I don't get this excited about a parenting book. So, please consider joining me! (Just don't pretend to read it and then try to have an informed conversation about it; I get enough of that at school. And yes, we do always know who you are.) Happy reading!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Four Stars for the Fourth

Before my husband I had the boys, we used to go to the same festival each year and discuss our wishes and dreams on a blanket under the stars and fireworks. Inevitably, our conversations eventually led to having children. We usually ended up giggling and hugging when we thought of starting a family. But I remember both of us saying that it would probably be a long time 'til we were able to experience fireworks with little children. We had a feeling our kids might be the type who detest loud booms. And we were right. For the most part.

But we know now that our kids do love....

...dancing to their Pop Pop's band...

...playing fun games with fun prizes...

...making themselves comfortable when the mood hits...

...eating yummy treats at dusk (even if some is left on their faces)...

...celebrating our great country...

...and snuggling with their parents while anticipating their first real fireworks!

Besides the insane traffic leaving the event, we had an unbelievably successful day. In fact, Eric and I marveled at how well it went. When we were leaving, Peanut even said, "Mommy and Daddy, thank you for taking us here." Surprisingly, Pumpkin only shuddered a bit at the first few loud booms, but he was so impressed with the sight of the fireworks that he "ooohed and aahed" with the best of them. And -- unlike many days of late -- no one shed a tear. Unless, of course, you count the happy ones from me.