Friday, December 4, 2009

Flashback Friday: What Nana Passed On

For my Nana
12/28/17 - 11/22/09

Peanut, Pumpkin, and Nana in 2006

What Nana Passed On

Arriving at Nana and Pop Pop’s house
Their faces in the kitchen window
Making sure we arrived safely
No doubt their love was abundant

My nana passed on to me her love of sweets
In the smell of snickerdoodles
And homemade applesauce
That always greeted us
And the just-filled candy dishes
My brother and I liked to raid
When we were supposed to be sleeping

She passed on to me her love of music
As we performed impromptu recitals
With Nana at the piano,
Her passion for her chosen piece
Obvious with every keystroke

She passed on her love of cats
And I appreciated her inability
To throw away her beloved cat, Buffy’s, whiskers
And her choice to display them
In her miniature kitchen garden instead

Nana passed on her love of detail
Seen in every precious tatted card
She painstakingly handmade
After hours of designing a new one
Every Christmas season

She passed on her strong moral compass
When she chose to do what was right
And what was best for my Aunt Connie
Even when it was difficult for her
And others might not understand

She passed on her comforting hugs
In each afghan she crocheted
And gave as gifts to her family and friends
So that we would feel her warmth
Even when she was not there

She passed on her sense of humor
In each zinger and witty remark
She made to lighten the moment
And affectionately tease those she loved

And Nana passed on her most important gift to me
In the way she cared for my aunt, Connie
The way she mourned for my sweet Pop Pop
And in the way her eyes glimmered
Every single time she talked about my Dad
She taught me the importance of family
Especially during life’s trials

Nana will now see all that she passed on to me
And so many others
From a better view
And even though she has passed on
The loving gifts she gave us
Will be passed on to others as well

I imagine that when she reached eternity
My pop pop was waiting and watching for her
Through a window in heaven
And they will both be looking out for us
Making sure we are safe
Until we finally arrive to meet them
Once again.

Miss you already, Nana.