Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Welcome to our brand new blog! In the spirit of New Year's, I will not give any resolutions that I can't keep; I will try to update this site when I can, but I don't want to offer any false promises as to when that will happen. I simply made the site to easily keep in touch with those who live too far away or who are just as busy as we are keeping up with their own families. It may take me a while to get the hang of this, so bear with me. Please feel free to check back frequently and let me know that you were here!


Mike Mahaffie said...

Welcome to the Delaware "blogo-sphere." I see that you plan this blog mostly for friends and family, but any thoughts you have on our little state are always useful.

Kelly said...

HELLLOOOO! So glad you've joined the world of blogging! Good to see you on here.

That's a great Christmas picture - your boys look soooo grown up already! Like little MEN! :)

Kristin said...

Mike and Kelly win the punctuality award! :) Thanks for your comments and for visiting.

And Kelly, I adore your blog, so feel free to offer any tips you have. (Just please don't compare the photography...even your "snapshots" are breathtaking!)

Gemma said...

Hi sweetie~

This is fun. Never "visited" a blog site before. Of course, I am anxious to see what my son, his amazing wife, and our two adorable grandsons are up to. Looking forward to more!!
Momzie, aka: your loving mother-in-law, aka: Gemma

sally said...

A fun site and a good lookin' family. Your boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing.