Monday, February 16, 2009

Guess the source of stress

UPDATE: I AM going to tell you what this is soon, but no one has guessed it quite right. Any second guesses? Hint: it caused me many problems for almost a whole year!

a) What is this little do-hickey, and b) why did it cause me so many problems?

If you guess correctly, I will ooh and ahh about you all day as well as create a link to your blog in my next post. Don't have a blog? No worries. I will ooh and ahh about you on my next post instead.

So get guessing! :)


Kelly said...

I would guess it's the tag from inside a piece of clothing?

Kristin said... looks like denim. Were you making a denim skirt? Or some pants?

Gemma said...

Ok, I agree w. Kelly. It's a tag and you tried to cut it off because it bothered you; BUT you accidentally cut into the garment itself?

L a u r a said...

Did you have to patch a pair of your son's jeans?

Kathy B. said...

A scrapbooking craft???

Gemma said...

How about a piece of material in your shoe that caused you foot pain, and you didn't know where it was coming from?