Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Portraits

I promise that my blogging will not always be this boring, but for now, here are the boys' newest portraits taken in April after their respective birthdays. Let me know your favorites!


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! they are looking so handsome and grown up!! When did this happen?? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love them all ~ but especially love the ones of each of them separately with their hands in their pockets.
Sniff sniff so grown up.

Gemma said...

Reminds me of the song, "Turn Around" aka "Where Are You Going, My Little One?" Darling pictures of darling boys. I love them with all my heart. I can't choose a favorite!

Gemma said...

I meant to say I can't choose a favorite photo, but that goes for the grandsons,too! :-)

Lisa said...

I like the colors you picked for them. (I thought I already commented here...guess not). Hope you are doing okay. Haven't heard an update from you in awhile. Feel good.