Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trick or treatsgiving

Okay, just call me "Slacky McSlacker." Or simply "Slacker" for short.

I truly had no intention of making everyone hold their breath until after Thanksgiving to see my little Pumpkin and Peanut's Halloween costumes. If there is a bad blogger award, I humbly accept.

I could give you a million and one excuses, but who wants to hear excuses when you could be seeing cute costumed boys instead? Right? I think you have waited long enough!

Pumpkin was just a wee bit excited to be Nemo

Pumpkin and Peanut (as VeggieTale's LarryBoy) make their grand entrance

I loved both of their side profiles
(and Pumpkin's tail swished as he walked!)

P & P's parents make an appearance

The boys had a great time, despite the fact that it was drizzling when we left the house and was in full downpour mode by the time we arrived safely back home. At one point, Pumpkin said to us in a desperate tone, "Oh no! Finding Nemo is getting all wet!" Eric and I said, "But Nemo is a fish. It's okay if he gets wet!" Pumpkin said, "Oh, yeah!" and all was right with the world again.


Kathy B. said...

The costumes are fantastic.

Gemma said...

Hooray! I definitely think they are the cutest boys in the entire world... no, universe! Oh, and the costumes were very cute, too. :-) Good job, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how tall Pumpkin has gotten. I guess it's been a while since I've seen the boys, but he doesn't look like a little boy anymore. Not to leave out Peanut who is more than 1/4 of the way to being a 2nd grader! Can you believe it!


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

It was worth the wait...VERY cool costumes :)

Amy Jo said...

Nemo!!!!! love it. My kids wore their costumes for 2 months straight after Halloween. I hope yours got a lot of wear out of those cute outfits!

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