Monday, March 29, 2010

Make a Wish, Pumpkin!

I'm sure that every mommy asks,
"How is my little baby so grown up?"
And I am no different.

I can't believe
What a little man you've become
A preschooler
Bringing home oodles of artwork
(Most of it in your favorite green)
Writing your own name for months now
Even with smiley faces in the letters.

You amaze me
With your story-memorizing brain
And dramatic monologues
About the differences between two games
Yet you still ask,
"Is this lunch or dinner?"

You are so affectionate
My "Huggy Buggy,
Huggy Shmuggy,
Lovey Dovey"
And you still love to play with my hair
Just like when you were a baby.

Your excitement
Cannot be contained
And you often wake up
Belting out "God Bless America"
Or making up your own intricate stories
While letting Mommy and Daddy sleep
Just a little longer.

I know these days of
Hugging with abandon,
Acting out your own plays,
Being the only one in the family
Who eats peas,
And choosing to sit on my lap
Will begin to fade

But as always
My love for you
Never ever will.
I will love you
Forever, my four-year-old!


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday Pumpkin!

Gemma said...

Happy B-day, darlin'! Really sweet post, K!

Kelly said...

So sweet Kristin!

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday little guy!

L a u r a said...

Aw...very nice post, Kristin! I hope you enjoyed the fun birthday with your boy--all your boys!

Kathy B. said...

Sniff, sniff. Beautiful.