Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Business Like Snow Business

We had a snow day on Friday (our first all school year), so Eric and I bundled up the boys and took them outside before he had to head off to work. This was Connor's first time actually playing in the snow! The snow quickly turned into rain, so we tried to accomplish as much snow fun as possible into our venture outside.
So happy to be in the snow!
What do I do now?

Big Brother shows Little Brother how to play in the snow.

Daddy makes a snowball for Connor.

Seriously, guys, what do I do now?

I'll show you! Throw it at the tree!

That was cool!

How many angels do you see in this picture?


That was fun!

Now, let's go inside for some hot chocolate.


Kristin said...

Wasn't the snow fun? At least for a little bit anyway. My kids didn't last that long out there! :) So, it sounds like you're a scool teacher. Is that right?

Gemma said...

Great pictures, and even greater captions! My favorite was, "Seriously, guys....." You really captured his expression! How cute are my g-babies?

Kristin said...

Kristin~ yes, I am a high school English teacher.

Anonymous said...

Such precious pictures of the two brothers and Dad playing in the snow. Some might not realize how seldom this opportunity is available in Delaware. Connor's expression is priceless.