Saturday, March 1, 2008

Access Denied

I use my thirty minute duty-free lunchtime at work to wind down from the constant chaos. I get a little work done and then catch up on my emails and visit my favorite sites, which of course, include various blogs. I have been doing this for over a year now. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I brought my protein bar and water bottle over to my computer, checked my email, and then went to check my blog. Guess what? "Access Denied." Excuse me? I tried a few other blogs. "Access Denied. Access Denied. Access Denied." Apparently, our district web filter no longer allows "blogging/personal sites." Which is even more frustrating when you consider that, in August, I had a three hour inservice on the instructional possibilities of .... wait for it ... blogging.


Gemma said...

Guess what? I am 44% addicted, and I don't even HAVE a blog! :-)

Kelly said...

Oh NO! That's awful! :( How stinky. I think I'd go nuts without my daily blog fix... But I'm a whole 70% addicted....tee hee