Friday, March 21, 2008

Street Smarts

My good friend and colleague, Kristen, got us great fourth row seats to see Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music with her family and friends. It was our second time seeing SSL with Kristen's family, and the boys enjoyed it just as much this time. Connor actually sat in his very own big boy seat for the first half (and then on Mommy's lap for the second), and he and Cameron were mesmerized by the larger-than-life characters.

The show begins!

Elmo and Oscar

The "Street" Gang

Connor enthusiastically claps along to the beat.

Cameron mugs for the camera during the show.

Connor fell asleep in seconds after the show and the long (cold and extremely windy) walk back to the car. No doubt, he is seeing visions of Elmo dancing in his head.


Gemma said...

This looked like alot of fun! The photos of the "cast" are terrific, not to mention the ones of my grandsons. Sweet dreams, Connor!

Anonymous said...

Emma and Leah had a great time as well. Leah fell asleep as soon as she got food in her. I wonder if they will be too "grown up" for next year's show. I love Sesame Street Live!


Kelly said...

I was wondering what age is appropriate for this type of show - we've traded horror stories about taking our boys to the movies and I was wondering if something like this would turn out the same way. Glad to know your boys were thoroughly entertained! Diego will be at Radio City on Jake's birthday... wondering if I could still get tickets....