Saturday, March 22, 2008

Funny Bunnies

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bunny fanatic. I was born during the Easter season, so my mom and dad always got me a ceramic bunny -- which eventually evolved into a full-blown collection -- every year. I have also owned various real bunnies in my lifetime. So when I was pregnant and choosing themes for the boys' rooms, I naturally flocked to anything with bunnies. Since both of my boys were also born during the Easter season (and Cameron on my own birthday), they have always been my little funny bunnies. My little men have donned all sorts of bunny ears and bunny suits in their short little lives (a fact I hope does not result in years of therapy later). I can't help it! I promise I wouldn't do it if they didn't look so darn hoppy -- oops, I mean happy -- wearing them. Here are this year's additions:
Cameron made this bunny hat at preschool.
(See! He does it himself now!)

Connor checking out his bunny suit.

There isn't much cuter than my Connor's cottontail!

My Honey Bunny

Maybe in a future post I will include pics from previous bunny outfits. But for now, hare's hoping you have a Happy Easter!


Gemma said...

Verrrry cute! I love our bunny boys.

kathy said...

Hi !
Sooooo cute! It was great to see all of you on Sunday and we are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday !
Kristin, I am filled with admiration that Connor has never had any chocolate!!
Have a great week!
Aunt K