Sunday, March 16, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Hold your head up high, Gemma! You are the winner. Gemma (the boys' paternal grandmother) correctly guessed -- very quickly, I might add -- that Connor can count up to 14 without missing any numbers. I was trying to wait a few days to see if anyone else had some creative guesses before I gave away the answer, but since I knew Gemma was dying to know, I decided to end the suspense.

I would love to show you a video of Connor's counting skills, but lately, he is only interested in seeing the video rather than starring in one when I bring out the camera. It's a hard concept to explain to an almost-two-year-old: no, you can't see yourself while you are being recorded, silly. For now, you will just have to trust me that he can count to 14. And you can also trust me that hearing him do it is oh, so cute.


Kelly said...

Way to go, Connor!

Jake can count to nine...sortof:


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am an idiot. For some reason I thought that you were writing about Cameron, I guess I need to read more carefully next time.


Gemma said...

Yay for me! Woo-hooo! I, too, am proud of our little "Einstein." I do need to make a confession, though. When I was visiting last month, I DID hear him count to eleven, so I figured he might have continued his progression. Had anyone else guessed correctly, I would have relinquished my crown! Geez, now I feel like an inside trader!