Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EGG-cellent Easter

It was a fun-filled Easter with the boys this year. Now that Connor can even search for eggs on his own, it was so fulfilling to watch both boys' excitement. After naptime, we went to Eric's Aunt Lynn and Uncle Art's house for a delicious dinner and to spend a little time with family.

Easter basket surprises

"Found one!"
"Yay! Estaah Eck!"

The boys with their booty

Easter evening at Aunt Lynn and Uncle Art's:
Those stunning teenage girls were our little flower girls in our wedding. Time sure does fly!

I slaved over baking the most perfect pink bunny cookies for hours just for my children. They certainly came out nicely, don't you agree? Oh, stop laughing. Okay, so I didn't actually make the batter. Or cut them out. Or make the designs in them. But Cameron did add sprinkles. And I did actually buy them at the grocery store. Okay, wait...maybe my husband did that. But I put them in the oven! Whew! Now I need a nap.

Even sweeter than those cookies was getting Cameron to begin understanding the real meaning of Easter. After talking about it several times, he announced to me out of the blue,
"God gave us heaven for Easter." Well said, my honey bunny.


Gemma said...

Loved spending time with you on Easter Sunday at Aunt Lynn's. The boys were "egg-stra-special." They were the stars of the show! Loved Connor's bunny shirt, hoodie and matching socks! Rock on at the party this Saturday!

Anderson Family said...

Isn't it wonderful when they realize that the Christian holidays have more meaning than presents and eggs?