Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Magic Number

Well, fourteen has become the magic number for Connor. And I have to say, I am quite proud. But I thought it would be fun, before I reveal its significance, for you to guess why 14 is of any importance. So, let's hear it! Click on the comments link and guess away! I will look forward to seeing if anyone can guess correctly.

P.S. I can't offer any prizes, but I will offer you my complete and utter admiration if you guess correctly. And I'll even make a big deal of you right here on this very blog.

P.P.S. No restrictions apply. In other words, you can guess as many times as your little heart desires. :)


Gemma said...

I will probably guess more than once, as I ponder this. :) Here's my first guess---he can count all the way to 14 without missing any numbers?

Kristin said...

Too fun! Hmmm....since I don't know that much about your family, I'll say that's the number of times he's used the potty?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that 1 + 4 =5 which he will be in a few weeks.


Gemma said...

I'm sticking with my first guess, though my second guess would be that he can draw (write?) the number 14. I agree w. Kristin, this is really fun!