Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Happy Mudder's Day"... my little boys say. In all honesty, my Mother's Day was spent grading research papers. As have all my weekends for the past month. And the month to come. And the rest of my life -- oh, so maybe that is going a bit too far, but that is what it feels like. Please bear with me through this time of research papers (or rather "R.P.," which eerily looks a bit like "R.I.P." Coincidence?). My posts may be lame, few and far between, and unfunny. But it's all for a good cause, right? I mean, I'm sure that my students will exhibit the utmost respect and appreciation when they receive their papers back with all of my terrific suggestions for improvement. At least I have had enough sense to make up one important rule in the past: no throwing your graded research paper in the trash in my presence.

All that aside, I did receive some pretty wonderful acknowledgements this time around. So I will post them for all to see (and for me to see when I am at work and would rather be with my little men).

Cameron came home from preschool Friday and said that this time I was not allowed in his bookbag. This morning, I received my big surprise:

That is me and Cameron in the drawing (I guess I was having a bad hair day in this picture).

And this was wrapped up with the card; his picture is inside the flower. How cute!

Daddy took Cameron to the park last weekend for a Mother's Day craft, and he painted this pot, decorated it, and planted it all by himself.

And these came yesterday from all my men. It was a lovely gesture since I am not even Eric's mom, and I have a feeling Connor didn't call the florist all by himself. In fact, I also got a new CD I have been wishing for (yes, some people still buy a store! Shhhh....), a book by one of my favorite authors, and even a card from the kitty! This morning, Cameron asked me if today was "Mudder's Day," and when I said, "yes," he asked, "But when is Children's Day?" I used that one when I was a kid, too. So I told him the same thing my parents told me: "EVERY DAY is Children's Day!" :)


Lisa said...

It looks like you racked up to me. The cute children's gifts and flowers. And, were you dancing in that picture? Why else would your hair be messed up?

Good luck with the RP. I am starting to feel really insecure about you reading my blog. You may start grading it out of habit and I can't afford to fail at anything else this month.

Glad you had a great Mudders Day!

Kelly said...

Awh! What sweet boys you have! :)

Gemma said...

What wonderful gifts you have received! Cameron is truly a little darling, and so is Connor, and so is their dad (my prejudice may be showing here!) Seriously, nothing is as precious as a handmade gift from your little ones. Happy Mudder's Day, sweetie.
p.s. I wish you a speedy beginning of summer vacation.
p.p.s. Loved Lisa's comment. (I check and re-check my spelling and grammar every post, Lisa!!)

Anonymous said...

Emma wants to know when Children's Day is too. Maybe we can create a Children's Day this summer when we get together more than just one time. This year we will just bring the kids too, maybe do something indoors, in the air conditioning.


Peanuts and Pumpkins said...

I love the home made cards!! How very sweet!


Peanuts and Pumpkins said...

By the way I LOVE Yaz!!! Blast from the past big time!!! I had that TAPE, yes a tape! Shudder to think!