Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Pumpkin, Full of Grace

My parents taught my brother and me to say grace before every meal as little kids, so I naturally wanted to pass that tradition on to my children. Until last week, Connor's involvement was a resounding "A-men!" in unison with us at the end of the prayer. But he surprised us the other day with this, so I had to ask for an encore and catch it on tape.

By the way, don't be embarrassed to tell me that you can't understand what he is saying. And also, don't be embarrassed to tell me that this isn't the most original of dinnertime prayers. I am totally aware that that is probably the case on both accounts. But we know what he's saying, and I am just thrilled that he is learning good habits early. However, if you have a great prayer to pass on, feel free to share! In the meantime, here is a translation (in case you don't already know it by heart):

God is great; God is good, and we thank him for our food.

By his grace must all be fed; give us, Lord, our daily bread.



Anderson Family said...

I got most of what he was saying, but I can also translate 2 year old! Dawson sings "God our Father" but now he and is brother think it is fun to race to the "Amen" part.

Gemma said...

Bravo, Connor! Good job! Your Gemma thinks you're great, too. Hugs and kisses to you and your bro!

Kelly said...

Nice job Connor! I am impressed yet again! :)

Jake LOVES to "say" prayers, which really means he clasps his hands and makes us all do the same, then yells "AHHH-MEHN!" about 30 seconds earlier than needed - ha!

P.S. - Kristin I got your email over the weekend, and I need to write you back! :)

Gemma said...

Hi! It's me....Lehighton, PA.! (Grin). Just checked back in to see if there were more comments. I tried that email thing, but I don't know if it worked. Love you all.

Kristin said...

Cute cute cute! As always! You have the cutest boys, I swear! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll have to try those sea bands. I've never tried them! I'll try anything at this point! I agree with the whole email thing. I'd love to hear from you through email!
Feel free to write anytime!!

Lisa said...

Aren't you clever with video on your blog! What a cutie...and that prayer totally works for me. Stick with what you know, ya know?

No, they don't pay me for that ad unless someone clicks on it and buys something. I guess? I don't know. It is more for my amusement.

Happy Mother's Day!