Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Recently, Peanut was watching Chicken Little in the living room while I was in the kitchen. All of the sudden, I heard him say, "Eeeeeew! Gaa-ross!" Knowing we had both seen this film enough times to recite the lines and also knowing there was nothing remotely gross in it, I thought maybe something had gone awry in the other room. When I came in, this is what I saw:

I can't believe it is beginning already! Of course, I had to ask, "Why is that gross? They are animals!" to which he responded, "Eeeew! Kissing is gross!" I couldn't leave well enough alone, and I reminded him, "You kiss me all the time." Then I saw the little wheels in his head turning. Hmmm. Is anyone surprised that he isn't giving kisses as freely now? Good one, Mommy.

A few minutes later, he added, "I don't really like girls." I laughed and named some of his friends who are girls, and then I said, "And I'm a girl." He made a face, thought for a second, and then said, as he walked upstairs, "But you're not a real girl."

Sigh. My first baby is growing up!


Gemma said...

Oh dear! First: kindergarten registration, now pre-teen "ickies" about girls! We've gotta slow this lad down or he'll be driving before we can catch our breath! :)

Lisa said...

That is funny. You are not a girl - just a mom. A friend of my 6 year old (the girl on my blog) took her Mom's cell phone to call my boy tonight. Is it already starting with girls calling? He doesn't have any interest in them and I guess that is a good thing!

Kelly said...

Oh that's too funny! It just happens overnight, doesn't it?

Kristin said...

That really is funny. I've got the other end of the spectrum with my girls saying that boys are gross. When I reminded Kalie (my oldest) that daddy is a boy, she said, "well, boys are gross except daddy." Kids really are funny!

Lisa said...

I thought I left a LONG post here about The B. I hope I am not so out of it that I left a random post about it on someone else's blog. Good Grief.

Okay, what did I say before? I can't remember. Here is my best summation of my thoughts. I was pretty surprised that she picked Jessie. Maybe just because he didn't do anything for me? I thought that he seemed more like 18 instead of 27 or however old he was. Not a real match with her being so "mature". I should have known because if they ever keep an oddball around - that is who they end up picking. You can't deny the CHEMISTRY thing between people. At least she picked the only one of the last guys that didn't have a ton of baggage. That is a good thing. Someone said pro snowboarders make a lot of money. Do they? He didn't seem like the most practical choice for her initially. POOR Jason (was that his name?) I'm sure 5 women out of the audience would have accepted his proposal with that sad puppy dog face. He would be a great candidate for the next B. THEN someone would have to pick him because he would be the only one. ;-) I thought the After show was a little hard to take. All that KISSIN was gross. I'm glad your son didn't see it.

Amy Jo said...

He's 5, right? wow... That does seem young to be grossed out about kissing. I'm going to enjoy the kisses I get knowing that it will come to an end. (possibly sooner than expected)