Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Kindergarten Kid

(Alternately titled Better Late than Never...)

Peanut is a kindergartner. It's hard to believe, especially since it seems we just took these first day of school pictures....

Preschool, Age 3

Preschool, Age 4

Kindergarten, Age 5

But here he is going off to kindergarten, and pictures don't lie. I guess it is also now an obvious fact that Mommy associates green and navy blue with the first day of school. I had no idea I even did that until now, but my excuse is that Peanut's favorite color is green. I'll have to remember to continue the tradition next year. I am also continuing the tradition of taking Peanut's picture by the front door as I remember my mom doing. It's easy to see how much he has grown just in two years based on the door panels; I hope we don't throw all of that off by eventually buying a new front door as we intend to do in the semi-near future. Anyway, I'm off to say a little prayer for my peanut that he doesn't have to "go sit at the table" tomorrow at school. Apparently, the transition into kindergarten has caused much discussion with my son (i.e. he talks too much). His teacher was very encouraging about his adjustment and reassured me that most all of the children have been sent to the table at some point. But since neither my husband nor I were talkers in school, my mother-in-law has offered to take credit for this trait. Whew! Thanks, Gemma. :)


Kristin said...

Too cute! We always take our first day of school photos on the front porch, because that's what my mom always did. Isn't it funny that we continue what our parents did? :) Anyway, he is certainly a big boy, and very handsome in his green and dark blue outfits! :)

kathy said...

Oh my !!! What a handsome lad !

I, too, will say a little prayer - sorry, I was always a talker in school. Many of my teachers called me "Chatty Kathy" ( a popular talking doll back in the '60s) So..... you are quite right from which side of the family it comes :-)


Gemma said...

Oooh, he is so handsome, I love him TTMAB. Please be sure to tell him that. Well, if being too much of a talker is a sin, then lock me up and throw away the key. My high school Social Studies teacher named me, "Miss Loquacious." Sorry about that, Peanut. Mea Culpa.

Mom of twelve said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I looked through ABC Distributing and rats, they aren't carrying those bed canopy's anymore it seems. I wrote that article back in 2/2006, so doesn't surprise me things have changed since then. lol.

I did find a canopy, but not for nearly as good a price here:

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And thanks, I think my family is beautiful too! God has been so good to us!

Amy Jo said...

Hey! You know I do most of my blogging from home, right? However, the other night after I put the kids to bed, they were both crying. I did my best to comfort for 20 min, and then gave up and hopped on line. You have music on your blog! Lovely, bedtime friendly music. I turned it up (to cover their cries) and soon they were sleeping. Last night I did the same thing. Your blog music was running for at least 30 min. What a great friend you are, setting up your blog music to soothe my kids!

Kristin said...

Amy Jo, I'm glad I (i.e. my blog) could help you out! :) Just as long as you weren't crying, too; some of my songs make me teary (esp. the Plumb songs which I love, but they are just so darn emotional).