Friday, September 5, 2008

How I Spent My First Week of School

Okay, class...raise your hands if you remember this post. Yeah, I thought so.

I guess my appendages had rested long enough. And not to be outdone by their sister, the right baby toe, they decided to act out and rebel.

First, it was my right index finger. You know, the one you do everything with.

It was my first teacher day back to school. (No, I am really not kidding.) When the summer rolls around, the school custodians wax the classroom floors. As a result, the desks, file cabinets, tables, and everything that comes in contact with the floor sticks. I decided my first order of business was to move the furniture back where I wanted all of it. I attempted to move my desk first, and it refused to budge. Just then, I spied a friend walking down the hall and asked for his assistance. He helped me move it and reminded me that I was not actually a complete weakling; the wax just makes everything difficult to move. So when he left, I thought myself quite capable of moving my many student desks alone. But desk after desk was stuck to the floor, and it became frustrating. So, a little more elbow grease couldn't hurt, right?

Wrong. It did hurt. Badly.

I managed to push so hard on that desk that it practically flew backwards...into the one behind it. Except my index finger was still stuck there in between them. Yeah.

And then I went for a double feature. The very next night, I stubbed my fourth toe on our cat's scratching pad. The thing is made of cardboard, so it couldn't have been that bad, right?

Ahhh...wrong again. It hurt pretty badly. Again.

The good news is that, while I managed to bang up my finger and toe in two days flat, neither of them could hold a candle to this debacle of a toe injury. And since I know you are dying to know, that little piggy has not been normal since. While obviously no longer discolored, it now no longer resembles a piggy, either, and looks rather like a little sausage.

I'll try not to injure myself again for a few more months. Apparently changes bring on severe cases of klutziness for me. And while I would love to change back to my summer schedule again, I don't think my fingers and toes could take it.


Amy Jo said...

ouch! What a way to start off the school year!

Gemma said...

OMG--I CANNOT believe it! You poor thing! We should just roll you up in bubble wrap! Geezy-peezy. Hope the rest of the school year goes better than the beginning!

Laura said...

Sorry about your injuries. They are pretty colorful though! As I was reading this post, one of the songs on your playlist sang something about a "rainbow of colors" and I figured it was just what you'll have pretty soon as your bruising fades...lots of different colors!

Also pretty ironic...just today, I took a few pictures of my enlarged and bruised chin--thanks to my youngest son! I don't know how his head doesn't have anything to show for it! It's pretty colorful today, but at least it wasn't as noticeable for the baptism I was celebrating last night!

Peanuts and Pumpkins said...

Oh no!!! Poor thing!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the totally accident prone person out here!! Another blog post in the making.. I'll tell you all about it some time! Hopefully the school year can only get better, right???

kathy said...

OUCH !!!! Goodness. Hope no more injuries for a while.

Loved the pics from Dutch Wonderland.


Lisa said...

You need to quit that dangerous job and stay home to eat bon bons. That would be safer and you could probably draw workman's comp anyway.

Just something to think about...