Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's hard being five and a half...

That's right, just around the corner of the calendar from his little brother, Peanut is five and a half today. And it's not that easy being five and a half. For example:

  • Even if the character from one of your favorite shows is making an appearance at your local zoo, that doesn't mean you actually want to meet said character.

  • You have to share all of your toys with your little brother, but when you want him to share a toy with you, he throws it across the room instead.

  • Every day at recess, the same kid pretends he is shooting you, and you know that playing that you are shooting isn't allowed. You tell the teacher but it still happens every day. Then when you shake hands too hard one morning with the "shooters kid," you get in trouble and have to sit in "the thinking chair."

  • You wanted to shop with Mommy for your Halloween costume, but the stores with the costumes are all too scary.

  • If you do the same thing your little brother does, it's not okay because "you know better."

  • Your parents make you eat your food at dinner and not just the butter on top of the food.

  • Your mommy wants to kiss you all of the time and you want to wipe them off, but you know that makes her sad.

  • You are too big for your parents to carry you around now, even when you are really, really, super tired.

  • Your parents get annoyed when you get out of bed for the third time, but this time it was just to remind them that you love them.

Happy 5 1/2, Peanut. Despite all of the hardships of being a kid your age, you are a great big brother and a bright kindergartner, and we love you soooo much. (Just don't tell anyone how many years-and-a-half Mommy is today. Your great memory is dangerous!)


kathy said...

Loved this post!!!
Thank you.
I think Great Aunt Kathy should be playground helper for a day or two......:-)

FilmFather said...

Great post, hun. You perfectly summed up our little guy's daily dilemmas as a 5-year-old.

And yes, he is as you say: "...a great big brother and a bright kindergartner." And we do love him soooo much.

Happy 5.5, Peanut.



Gemma said...

Ooooh, darn--you made my eyes leak again. What a wonderful post. Boy, it is sure hard to be a kindergartner, especially for one as sweet and kind as Peanut. I'm with Aunt Kath, she and I need to be tag-team playground helpers!! :) Love you TTMAB, Peanut. From your Gemma.
p.s. Great pictures!

Kelly said...

Cute post! :)

Lisa said...

He sounds like a smart boy to not want to get near that thing in the picture. I'm mad about the shooting episode. Poor thing. I can sympathize with all that little brother stuff.

He looks tall. Is he for his age?

Gemma said...

I don't have a another comment, honey. Just wanted to look at the beautiful and sweet pictures again. Have a great day!

Amy Jo said...

Great post that shows exactly how much you know your own kid. He's gonna love to read this when he's older...maybe much older!