Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkinland (May contain added Peanuts)

We went to the most kid-friendly orchard recently to pick out some pumpkins with the boys. One of my friends suggested it, and she was right! There was so much to do and see:

Peanut loved the painted pumpkins. He picked a small one for himself and a miniature pumpkin for his little pumpkin of a brother.
This was a corn husk tee pee. The boys enjoyed running endless circles in it. Our apologies to the nice family who was just trying to capture a serene moment with their own children in the tee pee while our children attempted to crash their photo-op.
Yes, of course I dressed my own pumpkin in a pumpkin outfit. What you can't see is the best part; the hood has a green leaf with a stem at the top. Pumpkin flatly refused to wear the hood, despite the cold wind that day. I guess there is only so much a mommy can get away with in the boys' cute department.
They also had several of these wooden cut-outs which were a big hit...
...with all three of my favorite boys.

Then we paid a whopping fee (!!!) for each of us to go through the hay bale maze. It's for little kids, so how hard could it be? We stopped asking this question after running into the same two families over and over again. I think we were in there for a good forty minutes when we decided to go out the entrance because we were afraid we would end up sleeping in the maze that night. With a few cheers and claps when we exited the entrance, the kids were none the wiser.

Another great part of this orchard was this adorable playground with wooden apple carts, tractors, and castles to climb and play in. Don't ask how fast Peanut got to the top of this castle and how long it took him to get down. Apparently, I passed on my fear of heights and inability to slide down fireman poles.

Even our lunch was entertaining. They had numerous choices of foods and snacks, and we were serenaded by a band as the kids marveled at this juggling clown on stilts.

Oh, and there is one piece of evidence that I was there, too. But every pic of me and the boys turns out like this. Hello...the camera is over here, guys.
When we got home, Peanut wanted to decorate the house with pumpkins and the silly ghost he picked out. (The painted pumpkins are decorating the dining room.)

It was a great time! I can't wait to go for Easter when they change Pumpkinland into.....Bunnyland! :)


Gemma said...

I KNEW it was Linvilla!!! I missed the lettering on the wagon the first time, so went to your link. I went there as a kid myself. Pretty sure we took the boys, also. Loved this post, and all the pics are amazing. Peanut and Pumpkin in Pumpkinland. How wonderful!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

First, I am happy to see you in a picture! Anyway, I've been to Linvilla my whole life and didn't know it turned into Bunnyland at Easter. Maybe we go together in the spring.

It looks like you had a ton of fun and beautiful weather.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin,
I am glad you took my advice and went to Pumpkinland. See how smart I am?:) We have been going for 10 years now, and I love taking pictures of the boys each time. It is fun to look back at previous years and see how the boys are growing. Thanks for sharing your pictures-- we have a lot of the same ones. Oh and of course we had the same pumpkin outfit, I love that one!

Thanks for sharing--- and I hope to see you soon! What will the boys be for Halloween? I guess I will find out on your next blog.

Have a great week at school and see you soon.


Adrienne said...

Hi there,
I hunted high and low today for something to dress my guy in for a Harvest Party at church next Fri. I would have loved to find that pumpkin outfit. Everything was pretty picked through and I came up with nada.

About my blog header, I make mine myself in Photoshop Elements. It's one of those things that I end up doing when I SHOULD be doing some more scrapbooking instead. :o)

Kelly said...

Looks like an AWESOME place to take the kids! Wish we had gone there when we still lived in the area...

Nice to see a picture of you on the blog for once ;) Tee hee - I'm guilty of the same thing....

Cute pics!

Kathy Brandt said...

I used to take John and Adam every year !!
Nathan enjoys it as much as your boys.
They also have a great fishing pond complete with a hayride from the main building to the pond. It is too much fun :-).
The pics were fabulous!

Kristin said...

Wow! What an awesome time! I love all the pictures! I've never been there. I might have to take my family there soon! :)

Laura said...

Wow! That's quite a festive pumpkin patch. Great pictures of a spooktacular day.

Ummm, we got our pumpkins at the grocery store this year and went through the store aisle "maze." I didn't allow them to climb on the apple carts there though. Am I a bad mom?

Before you answer that, just let me say that I DID at least bring my children to the store to have them help pick out the pumpkins! (I only bring the kids grocery shopping about half the time.)

Amy Jo said...

I love that you exited the corn maize through the entrance. :)

Angela said...

Hey Kristin! Thanks for stopping over at my place. You are right- I think we do frequent the same blogs!! :)

Anyway- what a FUN Pumpkin place you went to! My kids would love that (and, secretely, I'd probably love it, too ;)

Lisa said...

What fun parents you are to take your kids there. What a beautiful day too. With baseball taking up the weekends we ran out of time to even go to the pumpkin patch. I took my little boy yesterday at 8am to the church pumpkin patch and there were only 5 pumpkins left and he wouldn't smile for my picture. He also threw a pumpkin across the parking lot because he was mad. It was not very Norman Rockwell...