Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday: Left Foot, Right Foot...

...Feet, Feet, Feet!
Oh, how many
Feet you meet!

These are Pumpkin's piggies when he was about four months old. I had recently purchased a new digital camera and wanted to try out the zoom. I haven't used the zoom very much since!

One of Pumpkin's current favorite books is Dr. Seuss's The Foot Book, so I thought this was appropriate (in case you were wondering, he always laughs at "sick feet" and "fuzzy fur feet"). Now I am gonna go put my tired, achy, seriously-needin'-a-pedicure feet up on the couch and grade some more papers.


L a u r a said...

We Seuss lovers think Pumpkin's tootsies are very sweet!

Gemma said...

Such cute piggies! I could just kiss them forever.

Anonymous said...

My girls love slow feet...quick feet. We have to read real slow, and then pick up the speed.

Congrats on finishing papers!

Kristin said...

Awww! My girls used to LOVE that nook. It's pretty much torn to shreds now. It's had a lot of love! Cute picture!!

Kathy B. said...

I heart baby feet.
What a gorgeous picture! I think MckMama would be jealous.
It is screaming to be framed!!!
If it is framed and I have never noticed ~ I aplogize.
Love you,

peggy said...

Just love the picture and the cute little feet!