Friday, May 8, 2009

Flashback Friday: Pumpkin and Great Nana

This was Pumpkin and my maternal grandmother, Nana, at her 93rd birthday party when Pumpkin was only four months old. Sadly, she passed away the following year, right before Mother's Day. She will always be the quintessential grandmother to me; the smell of her home always made me smile, and I have sweet memories of playing restaurant in her basement, spending nights at Nana's by myself, and eating Pepperidge Farm Ginger Man cookies with her at the kitchen table that overlooked her bird bath and the beautiful garden on her hill. She was the most gentle and most God-loving woman I have ever had the honor to know. I hope some day that I will have the privilege of being the kind of grandmother she was to me. I still miss you, Nana.


L a u r a said...

How cute that Pumpkin is looking right into her eyes. What a nice Flashback Friday!

Gemma said...

What a lovely post. Great Nana would be so proud. I only met her once or twice, but she always struck me as a "Grand-Dam(e?)"

Lisa said...

What a WONDERFUL picture! I'm so glad you have that. My Nana was pretty great too and she died the month before my oldest was born. She was so excited about him so it was especially sad. Almost as sad as going to the funeral and seeing my very extended family in my 9th month of pregnancy when I was approximately 80 lbs overweight and as I waddled out of the room my redneck uncle said as loud as possible "you sure there aint two of them in there?" Kinda wanted to die myself.

The Pifer's said...

I came across your blog and I absolutely love it!!!

Tiffany Pifer

Dawna said...

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Thank you & God Bless!
Dawna Labrecque