Monday, August 24, 2009

The Top 10 Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging

10. I have been too worried about the drama that is Jon and Kate Plus Eight (or my renamed title, Jon Makes Me Vomit).

9. All my friends' blogs have been chock full of so much excitement that I have been enjoying reading blog posts more than writing them.

8. It's too hot. (What? Too lame an excuse?!?)

7. If I write that summer is almost over, it will be true.

6. We have been too busy celebrating that Pumpkin has finished potty training. (Woo-hoo!)

5. Full-time mommying is more tiring than full-time teaching.

4. I have been desperately searching for my favorite discontinued hair product.

3. Blogging doesn't burn enough calories.

2. I have been too busy rejecting Facebook requests from students.

And the REAL reason I haven't been blogging lately is...

1. I have too much competition to get on the computer from my three-year-old. (Seriously, Folks, who taught this child to scroll, left click, and use all the arrow buttons? Do babies these days just come with those genes?!?)


L a u r a said...

Welcome back to posting!
#3-So unfortunate...unless you're like a friend of mine who built his own desk station/home office onto his stationery bike.
#1-I can see less computer time in my future as well for the same reason.
The calendars say it's still summer! Enjoy =)

Anonymous said...

#6-that's awesome.
#4-have you tried my fave discontinued hair product showed up there 1 1/2 years after later, I just finally got it again. Now I don't like it too much.

It was great talking to you today, it's a shame summer is over and we can't meet more often.

Kristin said...

There you are! :) I've been checking in now and again waiting for your newest post. I've missed all your clever musings.
So I love #5. Could you tell my husband that? He doesn't believe me when I tell him. :)

Amy Jo said...

This is hilarious! I loved every one of them....