Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Power of Prayer

First, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who expressed your kindness after reading my last post. I truly appreciated your genuine thoughts and prayers during what is always a difficult time for me and my family.

Secondly, I just wanted to update you on a previous post. Once told her baby would most certainly die of a heart condition, MckMama's baby boy was born last week -- with no signs of his previous believed-to-be-fatal heart failure. The doctors are all scratching their heads, but she isn't. She believes it might have something to do with the fact that she has had 1,595,304 visits to her blog and that she has 1187 loyal blog followers who all united in prayer for her family. It truly is a MckMiracle!

I promise that my next post will include Halloween costumes and two sweet little boys. Any guesses what they were? I'll give you a hint: I would love some right now!


Gemma said...

Honey~ I'm glad your post about Ken and the posted comments could give you comfort. You did all that a little sister could have ever done. And he knows that.

McKmama's baby is certainly prayers answered. I hope he continues to do well.

Looking forward to seeing pics of our "sweet treats!"
Love you.

Anderson Family said...

I can't guess! They came trick-or-treating to my house and I remember their costumes vividly!

Amy Jo said...

I just caught up on the McBaby drama story. I had to stop a while back because I couldn't stop crying at her posts, and that just won't due while I'm at work. But yesterday I went back and marveled at this beautiful healthy baby boy, at her amazing example of faith in God ability to keep up a blog with a newborn and 3 other kids!

I guess your kids dressed up as Hershey and Reese's candy bars.

Kristin said...

Good guess, Amy Jo! You were close! (And you are right about one thing...I would really like some of those right now, too.)