Saturday, November 22, 2008

Root for me!

Okay, the odds of me winning a contest from a blog that a bazillion people read a day is slim to none. But hey, I am an optimist at heart. So excuse me while I take this opportunity to link to MckMama's blog so that I can enter her contest. It could benefit my awesome readers as well; up for grabs is a shiny new blog header (and I sure would love that!) and some camera extras (although I'm not sure if they would fit on my Kodak EasyShare, otherwise known as my Cheesy K-Easy, but I would be game). Wouldn't it be nice to see a pretty new blog header the next time you click over here and also see some prettier pics of my peanut and pumpkin? Well, if you agree, cross your fingers for me!


Anonymous said...

I AM rooting for you! And whoever gets the new header, I'll be sure to make it "shiny," just for you!!!

Gemma said...

You go, girl! I have faith in you. You are one of the MOST creative persons I know, along w. your handsome hubby!