Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pumpkin's fitting obsession

UPDATE: Check out the first comment for this post. I was FLOORED. The author of the Spookley book and writer of the film described in the post below, Joe Troiano, found my blog. Talk about making someone's week!

ORIGINAL POST: Don't break it to my pumpkin that most people only read and sing about pumpkins in October. He and his brother became very attached to a movie called Spookley the Square Pumpkin earlier this fall and continued to watch it all through the Halloween season and into late November.

It's a predictable but cute story of a little square pumpkin who is teased because of his shape but ultimately teaches everyone that it's good to be different (remind anyone of a well-known red-nosed reindeer story?). It is based on the book of the same name, and the lonely extra on the DVD is a reading of the story, page by page. So, when I found the book for a steal (just $1.00!), I knew my little ones would be excited.

I didn't anticipate, however, what a fan little Pumpkin had become. He wanted all Spookley, all the time. No other television viewing was allowed. The book needed to be read over and over ad nauseum to satisfy his thirst for Spookley. And each reading of the story needed to be followed by a serenade of the "The Spookley Song." Yes, the movie is a musical (and the music is actually tolerable until about the 857th time). The cutest song of the bunch is a melancholy little tune called "If I Was Round" in which Spookley sings: "If I was round/ I would be/More like them/And less like me/And maybe I/Would have a friend/If I was round/If I was more like them." (Hearing Pumpkin sing every line of that one nearly melted my heart.) But I knew this obsession needed to be curtailed when Pumpkin decided he would sleep with his Spookley book, open to his favorite pages.

Hi, I'm Pumpkin, and I am reading my favorite pages of Spookley.

Wanna see?

Here, get a good look!

After a while, I started enthusiastically encouraging other books so that he could enjoy other stories, too. But I had to include the video I filmed of him one night after reading the book when he sang every word of "The Spookley Song," complete with key changes and (his added) background vocals. Now that the ritual has ended, I have to admit, I kind of miss it. Then again, there's always next year.

And now, ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen out there?), here is my pumpkin, singing about another pumpkin (with translations below).

The Spookley Song

He's so odd he won't fit in, look at Spookley, look at him

Spookley the square pumpkin

All the pumpkins in the patch are nice and round, we all match

Look at Spookley, look at him, Spookley the square pumpkin

Every time in every town the pumpkins they pick are nice and round

That's true it happens every year, the best will get picked

(I guess you'll stay here)

Look at Spookley, look at him, he's so odd he won't fit in

Look at Spookley, look at him, Spookley the square pumpkin

I can't help the way I am, I wish I could look more like them

It's hard to fit in when you've found, you're a square and the world is round


Look, look, look, look (he's so rectangular)

Look, look, look, look (he's so triangular)

Look at Spookley, look at him, Spookley the square

Look at Spookley (so rectangular)

He's so odd (he's so triangular)

Look at Spookley, look at him

Spookley, Spookley, Spookley, Spookley

Spookley the square pumpkin!


Joe Troiano said...

Hi Kristin
My name is Joe Troiano. You may or may not know who I am, but after 857 viewings of the movie and reading the book ad guess is you do. I have to say pumpkin's singing of the opening number is absolutely charming. I would like to send him an autographed copy of the hard cover and some other Spookley stuff... unless you are afraid is will start the obsession again. Either way I am glad Spookley has such a devoted fan. Tell him I said "Hi".

Kelly said...

That is pretty impressive memorization for such a little guy! :) I am blown away!! :)

Kristin said...

Joe, if you check back and you are reading this...I was FLOORED by your comment! I wasn't sure how to reply, so I just finished sending you an email to; I hope you are able to read it. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Both my boys are avid Spookley fans (and their mommy is a secret fan, too...shhhh). I feel honored that you would comment and make such a generous offer. I included my address in the email, so if that isn't the best way to reply, please let me know how to contact you. Thanks again so much!!!!

Kristin said...

P.S. Pumpkin said to say thanks for the kind words, Kelly! Like I said, it was an absolute obsession. :)

Kathy B. said...

Good Gracious !!! How cool is that????
You and Pumpkin are celebrities.

Gemma said...

Well, I might be just a little prejudiced, but I don't know many (any?) two yr. olds that can sing an entire TWENTY LINE song!! Way to go, my little Pumpkin!

How cool that "Spookley's" author stopped by. He seems like a very nice man!

peggy said...

Wow, how neat is this. The author found your site and is sending you and autographed copy!
I totally LOVED Connor's rendition of the Spookley song. I think I definatly heard some dynamics in there! COOL!!!!!!! What a CUTIE!

Anonymous said...

Kristin....thanks for stopping by....I actually saw the If you give a mom a muffin on your blog. ....short time lurker :)
and how cool is it that Joe the author visited your will have to take and post a picture of the loot he sends you!
Happy Turkey Day!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

First of al my kids are also spookley fans but we didn't know there was a movie, we just have the book but we read it every day for months.
Secondly, how amazingly cool that the author found your post AND is sending you something. I'd never have that kind of luck. I'd be the one who'd end up sued over posting something!

MikeS said...

Impressive. My 3 year old girl sings the main line over and over, so your boy definately has quite the memory.

Nicholas Troiano said...

My name is Nicholas Troiano, (I'm Joe's son). I work for Holiday Hill Farm. Which you may, or may not know is where Spookley the Square Pumpkin lives. We here at Holiday Hill Farm would be delighted if you would post the picture I saw on your page, as long as its spookley related, post as many as you have!! to Spookley's official Facebook page. The link is below, Thank you.!/pages/Spookley-the-Square-Pumpkin/201857693191092

Nicholas Troiano
Holiday Hill Farm Ent.
(M) 631-745-5581
(W) 631-537-5759