Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The heat will get you, my pretty...and your little dog, too

Wonder why I haven't been adding a new post lately?!? Oh, don't worry, I still have plenty to say. It's just that I am so darn tired from making like the Wicked Witch of the West.
I'm melting...I'm melting!

It has been in the mid-90s the past four days, and guess whose school doesn't have the "air conditioning" ready to go yet? (Sidenote: "air conditioning" is in quotes because even when it is working, it is a bit of a leap to call it by that name.) Oh, and while you're at it, guess whose school closes all of the windows over the weekends so that the classrooms are people ovens on Monday? I had a plastic pencil cup on my windowsill, and it is a mutant now. None of the pencils will even look its way. It's embarrassing, really.

Anyway, I'm a miserable person in the heat. I am usually cold when it's 70 degrees, so when I am really hot, you know it's bad. My dad tells me I used to always complain when I was little in the summer that I was "BOY-ya-ling!" I am also exhausted from being so yucky and unable to accomplish much in all that thick air. I actually wore my hair up today because I go into survival mode when it is this hot. That's another way you know it's bad: I never wear my hair up. Oh, and my students all just love stepping in my room and feel the need to tell me so each period. Not. And as you can imagine, they are really motivated to get their work done in such a pleasant environment when they are all sweatballs and half of them didn't put on deodorant in the morning.

And after all this...tomorrow, they're predicting rain and a high of 59. True story.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe you wore your hair up, now I am upset I missed that. If you think you have it bad, I have a pic to show you tomorrow.


L a u r a said...

I hope you do get some relief tomorrow!

I wear my hair up from about May to September here, and I have to keep my shoulders and feet cool or I'm REALLY miserable.

Gemma said...

Ugh. I remember vividly the deodorant-less students! I always wondered if they would get the hint if I put a deodorant on my desk, along with the requisite tissues.

Chaela said...

I hear ya Kristin. As I've gotten older I simply cannot stand hot weather. At all. Hang in there!!

peggy said...

I definatly can feel your pain!
I remember those days only too well. Hopefully those will be the last really hot days until the end of the school year!

Lisa said...

You sound like me and the temperature. Sorry about the A/C school thing. I'm glad you will be out soon and hope you are getting through all those papers. Post a picture of your hair up. :-)