Tuesday, April 21, 2009

P & P is Rated G

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I'm glad to learn through this easy little link that my blog is suitable for all ages. The only word it found that was questionable was "steal." I wrote about the tooth fairy not stealing Peanut's tooth, getting a children's book for a steal, and someone stealing the summer days away from me. I don't think any of that is too objectionable, unlike my husband's film blog, which is apparently way more risque' than my innocent mommy blog, because this was his rating:

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

I purposely tried this now, because after the next post I have planned, I may no longer qualify for a "G" rating. You'll just have to stay tuned!

If you have a blog, comment on this post and let me know what yours is rated (and you don't have to join anything; just click the "no thanks" link at the bottom right to see the rating). And if you have some favorite blogs, try their web addresses in the "rate it!" window as well. (By the way, MckMama readers...are you surprised that her adorable blog is also rated R?!?) You can try any blog your heart desires. The best part is seeing the objectionable words revealed. I will refrain from listing all of my husband's objectionable words here, even though some are laughable. I would guess if I listed them here, I would receive a much stronger rating. And I like bein' a "G"!

Hmmm... ;)


L a u r a said...

My blog also has a "G" rating. However, it pointed out that there was an objectionable word used once--"kill."

Yikes! I'm heading back to my blog and checking out where I wrote that one.

This is a fun idea. Thanks!

Kelly said...


I wonder what my blog would rate if I wrote what I *really* wanted to say on my blog here and there - lol.

I have a feeling I can think of the exact words that got MckMama's blog rated "R" - and the sad thing is, they are all used in an educational, natural type of way! (The natural feeding of infants, etc)

Kelly said...

Ha! I skated by with a "G" rating, however, I mentioned the word "poop" twice... Only TWICE? lol

L a u r a said...

Where's your Flashback Friday? You doing okay?! End of school year rush?

Gene said...

Kristin, you look great. Nellie