Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My best birthday present ever...

Dear Peanut,

Our first glimpse of you
Was so tiny and small
You were our baby Peanut
After Daddy and I saw
Your hand and your foot
And your sweet round head
And my heart skipped a beat
When it felt yours instead

You did not arrive quietly
Quite dramatic at birth
But the moment we heard you
You multiplied our worth
Your crying continued
And then so did ours
As we looked to the sky
And wished on the stars

And as fast as they came
Those hard days passed
We marveled at your giggles
Hoped this babyhood would last
But you took your first step
And you said your first word
And we sang "Happy Birthday"
As my teary eyes blurred

I am still that same Mommy
When your big day is here
Even though you keep changing
I just can't change my tears
So many milestones
As I add up the sum
Of the joys you have brought me
And the obstacles overcome

Almost done kindergarten
You've learned many new things
Like how to make friends
And how to spread your wings
But don't fly too fast
From your mommy's embrace
You get smarter every day
And I can't halt the pace

So on your sixth birthday
If you see Mommy cry
You don't need to be worried
You don't need to ask why
I'm holding on to my memories
And trusting all that's in store
Because with each day that passes
I can only love you more.


Kathy B. said...

Oh Happy Birthday to the two of you!!
Our cards are late ~ Wayne and I both have had a crummie head cold!
Loved the poem. It made my eyes leak.
Love you,

Gemma said...

Beautiful poem. Beautiful boy. All I can say is, "Enjoy the ride!" It goes faster every year, trust me!

Anderson Family said...

That was so lovely. Happy Birthday!

You asked about Bunnyland - It costs $8 a person, you take a hayride up to the bunny, but you don't get off the wagon. The bunny makes his rounds, the lady tells some jokes and reads a story. Everyone gets a bag of treats and then you head back to the main area. They also have facepainting that you can purchase. After the hayride, our boys played on the playground for awhile and I brought home a yummy pie for Easter. I don't know if they have it available during the week or not or only this weekend. We enjoyed it but I hear Saturday is going to be rainy.

L a u r a said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Beautiful poem, Kristin.

Amy Jo said...

Beautiful Poem. I hope you both enjoyed your birthday celebrations!

peggy said...

What a beautiful poem!