Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet me halfway

I talked myself out of writing this post a million times. Okay, maybe not a million. A zillion is probably more accurate.

You see, as much fun as it is to be self-deprecating on my blog and tell you about all of those crazy mama moments in my house, it is still just that -- my blog. And who wants to show everything -- their warts and all -- on her own blog?!?

So, there is something many of you may not know about me. Everyone who knows me in real life knows. But many of my readers don't, because either we have never actually met or you haven't seen me in a while. Sure, you have seen pictures of me, but I have complete control over what I show you and how you see me. And quite frankly, I like it that way. That is part of the fun of having a blog and sharing everything you want to share and nothing you don't.

But I don't want to keep this a secret anymore.

To many, I have committed a mortal sin. Some would view it as a societal crime. And if you met me, I wouldn't be able to hide it. Unlike alcoholism, drug addiction, or a rap sheet from here to Timbuktu, I can't hide my horrible deed from others. And that is what made me write this post.

I had to have my very own eyes opened for me at least three times before I really, truly saw it myself.

The first time...I was in my classroom teaching with my door shut. In my peripheral vision, I saw someone in the glass door whom I didn't recognize. That person did not go away, despite my glares. After several double-takes, I realized that the "person" I saw was my own reflection.

The second time...I was asked to sing on stage in our auditorium at a concert as a surprise to my students. One of my friends videotaped my performance and was nice enough to give me a copy afterwards. The piece had gone surprisingly well, and I was eager to see and hear it to see if it matched the wonderful memory in my mind. Instead, I had to turn off the television before I sang a note because I wasn't able to watch through my tears of disgust.

The third time...I was at our high school's graduation. I was one of the teachers who would walk in with the seniors to "Pomp and Circumstance" and sit at the end of one of the aisles along with some other colleagues to represent the faculty. All of us wore graduation gowns (you know, the tent-like black robes) with our respective college hoods in back. I had dutifully worn mine every year, so before I left for the ceremony, I made sure it was pressed and hung it in my car. A few moments before the ceremony, I was helping others with their corsages and decided I should pin my own on as well. Soon after, I desperately fought the urge to run back to my car and drive the forty minutes home and instead find out if they -- possibly??? -- had another gown I could wear.

The moral to all three of these stories? I finally admitted to myself that I had a major problem. One that I couldn't control anymore. And believe me, it's not easy to convince a control freak that she is out of control. But I had to face facts.

I was extremely fat.

Now, you precious blog readers, do not misinterpret. I don't mean I was darn-it-I-still-have-to-lose-that-baby-weight fat. I also don't mean I was wow-I-must-have-gone-up-a-jeans-size fat. I mean I was capital F-A-T fat.

It's not that I didn't know what was happening. I have mirrors. I wear clothes. I knew the size I had to buy and the three stores in the mall that carried them. But what I felt like on the inside was never ever what I looked like on the outside. I really tried to avoid having my picture taken and I refused to see what the unforgiving lens showed me so blatantly when the occasional photo opportunity came along. I posed behind people and things and even cut myself out of other pictures.

All the while, I thought this was the ultimate, absolute worst monstrosity I could possibly have allowed myself to become. After all, when you want to really insult a woman, you only have to use one word: the "f-word." (No, not that f-word! The three-letter-one that's even worse than that.) In fact, in my opinion, one of the only acts of hatred that you can still admit in our society without being politically incorrect is a prejudice towards overweight people. Want a good laugh? Type "fat kid" into YouTube's search engine and see all of the "must see" videos. "Fat kid nearly dies on a rollercoaster! Hilarious!" Or think about conservative pundit Laura Ingraham's recently publicized insults towards Meghan McCain for asserting her opinion; Ingraham chose not to (as McCain says best) "intellectually debate our ideological differences" but instead use "heartless, substance-less attacks about weight" as a retort. In other words, she responded by calling McCain "fat." And how many people can't wait to call all of their friends and report that a fellow classmate has put on a bunch of pounds? I am sure that the classmate-who-put-on-a-bunch-of-pounds phone calls centered around yours truly after I had the courage to show my larger-than-life self at my twentieth high school reunion last year. I really forced myself to go to see so many people I cared deeply about, but I was relieved that there wasn't a prized doughnut for the Girl Who Gained the Most Weight Since 1988.

So why am I sharing this with you now?!? Why pour out my chubby heart to people who don't even have to know? Because I like being honest. And in all honesty, I am not a good liar. And because...well, I am now halfway.

Those last three eye-opening times made a definite impact. They caused me to get back in control. And just a few weeks ago, I cried in a store dressing room. But not for the same reason I cried at my performance video or because I could no longer zip my graduation gown. I cried because I fit into a size I hadn't seen since before getting pregnant with Peanut.

Since the summer, I have lost 48 pounds and four sizes. Whew. It feels good to write that.

For most people, that would be that. But I told you, I was capital F-A-T fat. For me, this is just over halfway to my goal. But I see the light. In fact, I feel the light, or rather, I feel lighter. I feel happier. I can see my progress, and the mirror no longer has to lie to me. I can look at the number on my pants now and not want to cut out the tag. And people are starting to see me and not the person I was using to cover up me.

So now you know the real me, [fat] warts and all. And you know what? I'm no longer ashamed to show you.

Before (obviously on the left) and After...so far (on the right)
P.S. Thank you, Weight Watchers!


Mocha Mama 24 said...

Good Job!! That's all so hard to admit isn't it? You look great.

You're inspiring me to "track" this week. I've been getting discouraged lately and have been to "busy" to make it to WW the last couple of weeks. I had lost a lot before my latest pregnancy and now its all back again.

Maybe summer coming will help too.

Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...


I applaud you for being so brave and honest. You look WONDERFUL - before AND after. I am very proud of you for all of your hard work. I hope that you can be my inspiration :)

Big hugs,

Gemma said...

My beautiful d-i-l, I read this with tears streaming down my face. Tears of pride for your honesty. Tears of sadness for your pain. Tears of joy for your happiness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I am so very proud of you! Congratulations.

Kathy B. said...

Dearest Kristin,
What a powerful post.
I felt the emotions almost as if I were experiencing your situation myself.
Can you feel my embrace?
Also you look gorgeous! Of course I thought you looked gorgeous before.

Anonymous said...
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peggy said...

Wow, you go girl! You look absolutely fabulous!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Seriously, gorgeous in both pictures! But having said that, you do look fabulous and I know how it feels to realize that you're not as skinny as you used to be. I did weight watchers before I got pregnant with Johnny and lost a whopping 15 pounds. (I was hoping for more, but, got pregnant instead.) I love weight watchers and now that my little baby isn't so little anymore, I keep telling myself I need to go back. I'm heading in the wrong direction on the scales. Anyway, congrats on the weight loss, and I'm not even joking when I say that you really don't look that big in the before picture!!!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful post, you wrote everything that I feel on so many days, it's nice to know there are others that feel the same way, thank you for opening up. Congrat's of the 48 pounds you look wonderful, and you've inspired me to get back on track I lost 12 pounds on WW, but I haven't been keeping good track, but thanks to you I am going to start tracking again. You go Girl!!!

FilmFather said...

I'm so proud of you, hun. Proud for how you opened up to your readers, and proud for how far you've come.

And for the record, I love the woman on the left and the woman on the right equally.

Can't wait to see you tonight.

Catherine said...

You're an inspiration!

Lisa said...

You look amazing! I am so proud of you and know you are too. I was reading this in FB and saw the first picture and had to scroll down to see the after one. I thought you were so cute in the first one and then you go lookin' like a supermodel! I can't tell that you need to lose anything else - you really look great! And as usual...so well written. I can totally relate. I can't believe you didn't somehow reference Designing Women and Suzanne's speech at her reunion???? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! You are my inspiration to keep going. You look awesome!

See you when I return from Seattle.


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

AWESOME job Kristin. That could have been me writing your blog today. You ROCK!! in WW terms :) Keep up the good work!!

L a u r a said...

Congratulations...48 pounds is amazing! You look wonderful, and I'm thrilled you feel so good! Just over halfway to your goal--are you kidding? Where will the rest of you go?

Smart, talented, beautiful...stop it already!

Amy Jo said...

Now that is one GREAT before and after picture. I'm so proud of you because I know how much work it takes to commit to WW. Keep up the good work!

Anderson Family said...

My Weight Watchers days have been put on hold for the moment, but it is a great program and you look FABULOUS!!!!!

Amy (Arnold) Worlock said...

Wow! You look amazing. No matter, you are still the same beautiful, sweet woman that I met 18 years ago at LYCO. I can't believe it has been that long! Would love to meet your boys and catch up with you. Hello to Erik.

<3, Amy

Adrienne said...

For being real, thank you! It's refreshing to get it out there! You look healthy and fabulous, absolutely beautiful! You should be very proud! Way to GO! Thanks for stopping by Noah's blog...and the hair...fantastic! :)