Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday: Peanut or Pumpkin?

I gave you a few hints in my previous post, but I thought it would be fun for this installment of Flashback Friday to have a game. All you have to do is guess correctly which newborn picture is Peanut and which is Pumpkin. To make it a bit more difficult, I have made converted both photos to black and white so the color quality doesn't give anything away. I would think if you have been paying attention, this might be pretty easy.

Just tell me the number of the picture and your guess. And no fair if you already know (ahem...Gemma! Unless you forget, of course!). You will -- as per usual -- receive a link to your blog and many oohs and aahs if you are correct! :)
Picture #1

Picture #2

Can't wait to see how well you know my Baby Peanut and Pumpkin!


Kelly said...

I *think* they are pictured here in reverse birth order?

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

I'm guessing Picture #1 is Peanut and picture #2 is Pumpkin. The faces give it away I think. One has a longer face and the other a rounder face. Our oldest two boys are close in age as well. One has a longer face than the other and when they were young I nicknamed then Bert and Ernie. **grin**

L a u r a said...

My guess is that Peanut is on the bottom.

KathyB. said...

I'm not guessing since I know the answer ~ but just wanted to say how gorgeous they are!

Gemma said...

Darn it! Just when I finally know an answer to a quiz!! :) They were both such beautiful babies, weren't they? Sigh.

peggy said...

Loved the pictures! What gorgeous babies they were, and still are! I am not answering either since I know the answer already.

Lisa said...

Oh no. I can't look at cute babies or I will want one.

You said everything I forgot to say on my Bachelor post. I forgot to say how Ellen kissed his behind and I was glad she said that about the best wife. Thanks for the email links. I had searched for them unsuccessfully. I should feel so sorry for him but I just can't. :-)

Tracey said...

Ok, my guess is peanut is # 1 and pumpkin is #2. They look so cute as babies- but they grow up so fast!!! It makes me want another until I remember all those sleepless nights!!!