Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: Great Strides

This picture was taken of Pumpkin when he was about fourteen months old. He was still not walking yet, and even as a second-time mom, I was a bit concerned since he wasn't really even close. Peanut walked at fourteen months, and I thought that was late compared to other children I knew. We used to joke that Pumpkin was so smart to just allow people to carry him everywhere. Our pediatrician reassured me that he was perfectly normal and he would walk when he was ready. His verbal skills came fast, and the doctor also mentioned that sometimes babies work on one skill at a time. Pumpkin finally walked towards me while we were at a family get-together at my in-law's house (a.k.a. Gemma and Pop's). I was so relieved! But, in a way, I knew that the second he began walking, the world would change as I so vividly remembered that it had with Peanut. And I also knew he wouldn't be a baby much longer. Part of me was thankful that I had the opportunity to have my little one as a baby for so long, even though the other part of me naturally wanted him to continue to thrive and grow. There's something sadly symbolic about a baby who can walk -- and soon after, run -- away from his mommy. I have to admit, though, that I was very grateful to no longer have to fight with him about crawling outside when we walked down the block on the old sidewalks in our neighborhood. Scratched-up knees did not deter my determined little man. And once he walked, he went from walking to running in no time and earned more scratched-up knees.

As I write this, my almost three-year-old Pumpkin is sleeping away. But all night, he complained of "ickies" and "grossies" in his throat. He has had a rough week of a phlegmy cough, runny nose, tears when Daddy said goodbye in the morning, and more time-outs than he can probably count. And tonight, he threw up all over the hardwood floor. Now, throw up is usually my husband's area of expertise, but unfortunately, he wasn't home yet. I am really, really bad at throw up. But Pumpkin was so scared and confused that he got sick, I turned on my auto pilot while continually assuring him it was okay, and I simply cleaned it up and got him changed. Anything -- even cleaning up throw up -- for my little Pumpkin. (But don't tell my husband I said that.)

I'm hoping that in a few days, he will make great strides in the "ickies" department and that he'll show off his running skills again in no time (as long as he is running to Mommy, that is!).


Kelly Vasami said...

Awh! Hope you're feeling better soon Pumpkin! :(

Gemma said...

Such a sweet picture! Poor Pumpkin! Hope those "ickies" go away very soon. And kudos to you on cleaning up the throw up. That is not one of my strong points, either!

peggy said...

Absolutely loved the picture!
Hope Pumpkin is all well now.
I agree on the throw up, UGH!

L a u r a said...

Sweet post! I hope all the ickies are gone.

My husband has also filled the niche of main vomit cleaner upper. I guess he figures I had my fair share of code browns...diaper duty and E.R. visits!

Katie said...

I am starting to relate to the late walking thing - as my 11 mo. old is no where near and my other 2 did so at 11 mos. Yes, as moms we constantly worry don't we!!

I am just realizing you asked me where my couch!! Nebraska Furniture Mart. I think the brand is Bernhardt - hope that helps!!