Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

My mom says I have a little Irish in me, and to look at me, you would probably believe it. I am very fair-skinned with some freckles on my cheeks and green eyes. My hair is also not actually this light (hmmm....it's called highlighting, people, and no, it has nothing to do with the stray gray hairs that keep defying me and showing their sorry selves in the daylight. Ahem.). Peanut and Pumpkin's real first names are both Irish, too, so I guess that means it's fair for us to celebrate a bit.

Peanut said that during recess today, a leprechaun snuck in his classroom and messed up all of their things. Apparently, he visited all of the classrooms in the whole school. He even was kind enough to leave green pee in their classroom toilet (um...really?!?), but one of the students flushed it before everyone could see. Peanut was terribly annoyed that he didn't get to observe that. He and his classmates determined that the classroom was probably a wreck because the leprechaun must have been looking for his pot of gold. His teacher laughed and said the leprechaun was searching in the wrong place since the pot of gold is -- obviously -- safe in her backyard.

While we were working on Peanut's homework tonight, his second tooth fell out on his paper. This one bled which completely freaked him out until he was no longer able to taste it anymore. But after I calmed him down, he immediately darted over to his room to retrieve his letter to the tooth fairy which -- you might remember -- plainly requests that she not steal his tooth. Can you see the new empty hole in his bottom row of teeth?

Better yet, check out Peanut's leprechaun drawing. He is so darn cute, I might even let him use our bathroom (if he asked politely and didn't mess up the rest of our house, of course). Although, messing up the house surely hasn't stopped me from allowing our two boys to use the bathroom.

Hope all of you had a little extra luck o' the Irish thrown your way today!


4under3 said...

Look at him! He looks like a sweet little Irishman. (No, I'm not talking about the man he drew in his picture. I'm talking about HIM.) Such a sweet boy you have.

And, I totally forgot it was even SPD until the radio guy reminded me. I didn't even wear green. But I have green pajama shorts on right now.


Kelly said...

Excellent artwork Peanut! And congratulations on the tooth - lucky indeed!

Amy Jo said...

Green pee? lol. that's pretty creative...I mean crude.

Gemma said...

What a great picture of a leprechaun, Peanut! You are quite the artist! And congrats on the fall of tooth number 2. More gold dollars for the coffer?

Hope everyone is over all things "icky!"

Mocha Mama 24 said...

Wow he's really good at drawing!! Its funny that his tooth just fell out.

Tracey said...

He's is such a great artist! Still no missing teeth here, but hopefully soon- she's wiggling her teeth hoping for a loose one.
"Lucky" the leprechaun visted our house this morning and threw the girls clothes around the room, they spent the rest of the day looking for him!!

peggy said...

Oh my goodness another tooth! How cute that he went and retrieved his letter!
Loved the artwork tooooooo!