Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Is a Magic Number

Dear Pumpkin,

You are my snuggle bug
Love to hug

Car lovin'
Sometimes roughin'

Sing song man
Fan of fans

Alphabet reading
Lollipop pleading

Hands flailin'
Veggie Talin'

Don't like waiting
Story creating

Fresh milk addicted
Bath night conflicted

Occasional toy flingin'
Lemon car singin'

Happy when wakes
Lover of cakes

Shaky shaking
Funny face making

Tiggle Wiggles
Give great giggles

I'll soon be missin'
Sloppy wet kissin'

From my baby sweet pea
Because Pumpkin is three!


Kelly said...


Sue Jackson said...

What a creative poem! Your boys are both so cute - what fun ages. Someday they'll be bigger than you, like my older son towers over me now!

You asked about Jamie's school...he goes to Charter. He's a freshman and absolutely loves it so far. His teachers have been great - very understanding about CFS and his absences. So, he's in the Cab band (the two schools share a building and some classes). He gets home tonight - I'm hoping he won't be too exhausted, but it sounds like he's had a lot of fun.

Where and what do you teach?

Feel free to e-mail me if you'd rather not reply publicly (my e-mail link is at my profile page).

I just heard about another Delawarean with CFS this morning. I dropped my younger son off at a friend's house, and his mom was telling me she has a good friend in Newark with CFS. Funny that I went so many years without running into anyone else locally with CFS!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


4under3 said...

(Sniff, sniff)

Happy Birthday, little buddy. I bet our little just-turned-3o-year-old would have a ball flingin' toys with you.


p.s. My favorite part is the Veggie Talin'.

Gemma said...

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! We love you soooooo much! Wonderful poem, K! It was "spot on," as they say.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic and the poem.
Where does the time go??

Tracey said...

Love the poem- how creative! I hope he had a wonderful birthday!