Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I should have been blogging when I wasn't blogging (Part I)

So, during my blogging hiatus, lots of "blogworthy" events happened. Many of those things, I should have blogged about. But as you know, I didn't. So here are some of the highlights, and yes, some of them happened a good three months ago. So sue me.

Peanut attended and graduated from Safety Town
(and loved every minute of it!)

Pumpkin learned the great art of spraying others with a hose.

Peanut discovered -- gasp!-- vinyl records!

I definitely did not swipe a parked car. At church.
And Pumpkin definitely did not say the next time I parked without
hitting a car, "Great job, Mommy! You didn't hit anyfing!"

Peanut got a new bike and hasn't broken any bones yet!

Pumpkin responded so well to his potty chart...

...he jumped up and down when he completed it and decided
that he would be a proud wearer
of underwear from then on. Woo-hoo!

Eric and I managed to get a few days alone in the mountains to
celebrate our 12th anniversary. Don't we look relaxed?
Did I mention our resort had a spa? Ahhhhh....

So those are the highlights for now. And to those of you out there who are actually still reading my blog even though I have probably frustrated you with my lack of recent posts: I thank you. More posts to follow! (I promise!)


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

It's great to see you back! You have had an exciting few months. Some of the excitement I'm sure you could have done without :)***gasp*** Congratulations Peanut on the new bike and Pumpkin!! you rock buddy.

Kathy B. said...

Missed you! :-)

Lisa said...

That is cute. The funniest thing of all was your post on my blog about the iron. That is a hoot. Hope all is still going well. We never got to discuss the BB ending. I was satisfied and happy Natalie didn't win. What a crazy girl. That engagement thing was odd.

L a u r a said...

What a great newsy update!! Lots of fun (besides the vehicle incident). Congratulations on a dozen!

Gemma said...

Glad you're back. Have missed your posts! Cute pics---am looking forward to more!

Love you.

Adrienne said...

Oh, I need to do some of these posts. Love your title. And love how your son praised you when you parked without hitting anything. Ha! Very cute.

Kristin said...

Great post! Glad to see you back! :) Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

FilmFather said...

Why does that anniversary getaway ironically feel like it was more than a year ago? :) Looking forward to next year...

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