Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clearly a Hint!

Okay, so apparently using the watercolor effect on the secret identity photo made all of your creative juices flow! I thought the pic would be way too easy without some sort of disguise. But I had no idea how much your responses would make me giggle.

So, let's try again. Now do you know what Peanut has become?!?

As much as I loved your pretzel superhero, fruit roll-up, Care Bear crusader, parachute, and insect-like guesses, alas, the answer is far less imaginative. But it is still exciting for Peanut! So guess again....on your mark, get set, GO!


Kristin said...

Okay, this one looks like he's a boy I win? :)

Kelly said...

Ah! Much easier this time! A cub scout?

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the cub scout. How cool is that, Emma starts Daisy's next week! We can buy his popcorn and you can buy her cookies!


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

I was going to type boy scout 'till I read the other comments. Now I'm leaning more on cub scout as there is a slight resemblance to a cub in the center of the pic.
P.S. I love typing/writing the word center. In Canada they spell it all wrong. centre.....arg,,, I love the word center **smirk**

L a u r a said...

Tiger Cub!! Fun!

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