Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blogging 101

Since I have just begun my own blog, I thought I would share with others of you who may be novices one of the nicest features of a "blog." While it is an online journal of sorts, it also encourages audience participation. See the little link under each post next to the pencil icon that says "0 (or 1 or 2 or 3) comments"? If you click that link, a pop-up window will come up that enables you to comment on every posting. You don't have to sign up for anything to do it! (If you already have a Google or Blogger account -- or any account listed in the choices -- you can use that if you want.) But for the vast majority, simply write your comment, then verify the letters given by typing them in as you see them (this prevents spam on my blog), and simply put in your name where it says "nickname" (you can also list a website where it says "url," but you don't have to worry about that). Then click on "publish my comment," and voila! You have added your own two cents! It is also fun to read the comments of other blog visitors simply by clicking the comment link. So, I challenge each of you to let me know you were here and leave a comment! Otherwise, how will I know that you visited? (Okay, so several of you emailed me or actually told me, but this way is fun, too.) Go ahead and leave a comment if you are reading this so that I know I gave adequate directions. I have to test my teaching skills outside of the classroom every once in a while! :)
P.S. And don't forget to vote in my new poll! (As for the last poll, Christmas won as the most favorite holiday, and Thanksgiving came in second place.)


Chaela Blackwolf said...

Oooh! Oooh! Here's my comment! How'd I do?? Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Kristin said...

Hi there Kristin. I just read your comment on my blog, and I think it's too cool that we have those few things in common. Great job on the blog! I'll be checking back often now, and you do the same! :)

Kelly said...

Is this thing on? ;)