Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Milestone Movie

Another milestone was reached today for both of the boys: they saw their first film in a movie theater! While we had considered taking Cameron before, we never felt confident taking both of them together until the latest Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, was released. Our family loves the Veggie Tales; besides having Christian morals that accompany every storyline, the writers are extremely witty, and they typically include some very catchy songs as well. We knew that we could trust that this movie would be suitable for both of them and not have to worry about any questionable dialogue or scary villains. I think I would rate the experience a success; Connor was very well-behaved for almost the whole first hour (which is longer than Eric and I expected), and Cameron was enthralled with everything from the actual theater itself to the yummy popcorn. Connor was so cute in the beginning of the movie; he said, "Uh-oh!" in all the right spots, clapped to the music, and said, "Yay!" when something exciting happened. When he got antsy (and the distractions of snacks and milk were exhausted), I took Connor out into the "hallway" of endless movies, and we ran up and down the long halls for a while, looked and the brightly colored self-serve candies, giggled and chased each other until I had tired him out enough to go back in and watch the remainder of the film. Cameron had to be reminded to whisper a few times, but he was so happy to be there that it was hard for him to stifle his excitement. He usually asks us to go to a "play place" when we tell him we are taking him somewhere (we have been to a few indoor playgrounds this winter), but on the ride home tonight, Cameron asserted, "Going to see that movie was funner than any play place." Even I can forgive the grammar when the sentiment is that sweet.


Gemma said...

How sweet an adventure! I can just see Cameron sitting w. a bag of popcorn on his lap, taking in the whole experience!! And how cute was Connor, with his "Uh-ohs," and "Yays!" Would have loved to be a fly on the wall!

Kelly said...

Awh! Glad your boys enjoyed it. We tried to take Jake to go see this a few weeks ago when Ralph had the day off from work. We were very excited to go, until we found out it was SOLD OUT! :(