Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wishin' I Wasn't Already Missin' Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas, and it seems to go by so fast that I am admittedly sad when it's all over. And since I didn't even begin blogging until after the holiday, I am entitled to more Christmas pics, don't you agree? I also have always loved stationery, and I was particularly pleased with the way our cards turned out this year. It was on a nice, heavy, semi-glossy cardstock, and it was very easy to create on the American Greetings site (I cannot take credit for its design). Here is the front: And here is the inside:

We get the boys at least one new ornament each year, but considering the name of my blog, I thought you would be interested to see the obligatory peanut (purchased a few years ago):

And here is the companion piece, a pumpkin, just added this year:

Christmas Eve was so much fun and filled with anticipation:

Can you tell they were excited?!?

But soon it was off to dreamland, with visions of sugarplums, no doubt. Nighty-night, sweetiepies.

Hope you have as many happy Christmas memories as we do!


Gina said...

Love yer page, Kristin! This particular design is really pretty. And the munchkins are adorable! :)

Eric (The Husband) said...

Like I do every year, I give Kristin all the credit in the world for our Christmas card, and this year she outdid herself. Love ya, Pook.

Kelly said...

That is a great card! We'll have to exchange snail-mail addresses so we can add each other to our Christmas card lists - I LOVE mail! (Except junk mail and bills, but real mail with letters and pictures are my favorites!)