Monday, August 4, 2008

Completely Unsolicited

The other day as I was folding laundry, Pumpkin came running up to me and landed in my arms.

Pumpkin: Mommy? I duv you.

Me: Awww...I love you, too, Honey! Thank you! [big smooch]

Pumpkin: You're wecum, Honey.

Luckily you didn't witness this, or you would have seen a mommy blubbering at her toddler's first independent offering of love without provocation yet snorting at the term of endearment he repeated to me. I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight, but the memory will remain beautiful in my mind!

Have your children ever called you something funny (Honey)?

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Gemma said...

Dear Honey~ What a sweet little boy! I love the honesty and spontaneousness (a word?) of the very young. I don't remember my boys calling me anything but "Mommy" or "Mom,' at least to my face!! :)