Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Summer Tradition

Every summer, we make sure to visit Pop Pop and Grandma (my dad and his wife) and go to our favorite beach with them. They live a lot closer than we do, and it is a fun way to incorporate a visit with them while hittin' the sand. They came up with a great idea this year to go to a much less-populated part of the beach and then walk the boardwalk and ride the rides as usual. Here are some highlights:

Peanut is happy as a clam!

Pop Pop carries Pumpkin back from chasing the seagulls (his new favorite beach activity).

Pumpkin's first ride EVER (at age 2) on the same boat as Peanut's first ride EVER (when he was 2, too!) P.S. I am fairly sure this was my first ride ever as well. Why yes, of course I was crying.

Well, now Pumpkin is crying...he definitely liked the boats better. I took him off the Merry Go Round after this picture (and before the ride actually began). He was content for the rest of our visit in my arms or in his stroller. But isn't this a cute picture of Peanut and Daddy?!?

Our grandparent beach trip was a lot of fun, and we plan to do it all again next summer!


Lisa said...

Those kind of days are fun because you get to see your kids having so much fun. Hope you got to eat lots of junk food! :-) (I finally got caught up on all of BB yesterday...whew.)

Kelly said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! :) Well.... except for Pumpkin crying on the Merry Go Round... but otherwise... I can't believe the summer is basically over already!

P.S. - Funny enough, it turns out you were up at Dutch Wonderland the same day my cousin took her son up there! Wonder if you rode any rides together... She is Kyler's mom on my blog.

Gemma said...

So sweet! Looks as if a good time was had by all (minus the Merry-go-Round and Pumpkin). Wonder what he didn't like about it? Thx for the pics, and thank EM for the ones he sent. Loved them all.