Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ghosts of Costumes Past

I told you that last year's costumes were an incredible feat. And I wasn't kidding! Peanut wanted to be Dash from The Incredibles and he wanted Pumpkin to be baby Jack-Jack. I ordered his costume from The Disney Store Online according to his measurements, and I found a Jack-Jack costume on ebay. A few weeks later, they both arrived, just in time for Halloween. Of course, I wanted Peanut to try his on before the big day. Uh-oh. He was swimming in it. I looked at the measurements and size on the package. Yup, just as I had ordered it. But I wondered how in the world would a boy his size fit in this costume without another boy his size in there, too. So, I called The Disney Store and explained that their measurements were really off, and I needed a Dash costume in five days. Guess what? They rushed a new (smaller) Dash costume to us -- for free -- and told me to keep the too-big Dash costume. I was pretty impressed with their costumer service. I guess the big mouse doesn't want any mad mommies out there. We used hair mousse to make Peanut's hair look swept back like Dash's, and we used it to make a point with Pumpkin's hair to look like Jack-Jack's. We had some issues getting good pics, but here is the final product:

Dash and Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, 2007

And, just for fun, here are all of the other previous costumes my boys have donned in years past:

Peanut as Pablo from The Backyardigans, 2006

Pumpkin as himself, 2006

Peanut as Simba from The Lion King, 2005

Peanut as Winnie the Pooh, 2004

Peanut as a puppy, 2003

Halloween will probably always be my least favorite day of the year. But these little boys of mine all dressed up in their sweet costumes certainly help me to smile.


Anonymous said...

very cute costumes, all of them. love the Incredibles ones the best!

Anonymous said...

I discovered you by pressing on one of my favorite movies 'Sixteen Candles', and you were one of the profiles that popped up. You looked friendly, so I pressed on your pic and there I chose the Peanuts and Pumpkin blog..that's how I found you..lol

Gemma said...

Oh boy, how sweet! Loved going down memory lane w. all the costumes. I also loved the title of this blog. You are SO clever!

P.S. I had forgotten about the cute puppy! Awwww....

peggy said...

Loved seeing all the costumes. What cuties they are!! We knew that already though didn't we!!