Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Party Boys

As we did last year, we had the boys' birthday party together again this year. Their birthdays are only about a week apart, so it is the most convenient choice for everyone since many of our family members have a few hours to drive. This year, we chose to have the dinosaur-themed event at a place you might remember from a previous post, the Delaware Museum of Natural History. We all love it there, and they have a very cool kids' discovery room with a party room attached in the back. Some highlights of the pint-sized partiers:

The dinosaur cake with their picture
An added bonus to having the party at the museum was that a museum representative gave an animal presentation to the children (and the adults). The boys are laughing at the first animal, the frog, that hopped around in its box as they eagerly watched.
Cameron was less sure about the next creature, the millipede. One thing he was sure about:
"I don't want to touch it!"
Our little one was more fearless, and not only touched the snake...

... he was really happy about it!

The boys' friend, Lucas, (grandson of our super daycare provider and friend, Ann) pets a bearded dragon lizard.

Twin brothers, Bret and Brock, (and sons of our dear friends, Brandi and Bernie) were also very interested in the lizard.
Connor and Emma (daughter of our good friends Kristen and John) enjoyed watching the fish.

Time to blow out the candles!

Cameron received many gifts he had been wishing for!

Connor's gifts were just as generous!

We had a nice day with many of our family members, several of the boys' friends and ours. Thanks again to Pop and Pop Pop for chasing Connor (especially!) and Cameron around the museum when they became restless, to Gemma, Nana and Dick, Grandma, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Wayne for taking over clean-up duty in record time, and for all of your help in making the day special.


Kelly said...

*grossed out by millipede*

"Cameron was less sure about the next creature, the millipede. One thing he was sure about: 'I don't want to touch it!'"

I knew that Cameron was a smart kid!

Happy Birthday guys!! :)

Gemma said...

Kristin~ Your photos really captured the spirit and fun of the party! Such cute little birthday boys. We are all truly blessed.