Saturday, April 12, 2008

Portrait Preview

We had the boys' annual birthday portraits taken a few weeks ago. We usually take them to a great independent professional photographer, but with having two children and twice as many portraits that I would (of course) not be able to leave the studio without, the total cost is a bit out of our budget right now. So, we settled on commercial mall photography.* (Luckily, the photographer there this time was helpful, knowledgeable, and had an actual degree in photography! That made a definite difference!) And because they are pictures of my children, naturally, I love them regardless of their artistic merit. This is a collage of the many faces of my little men. Let me know what you think!

*However, if my amazing photographer bloggie friends Kelly or MckMama are ever in the area, you are instantly hired!


Gemma said...

Wow! That photographer had a good sense of the boys. Especially like the candids----mouths open, relaxing, and nose crinkling. Could I possible love them any more? "Yes, I can!" :)

Kristin said...

They are so so cute! Very sweet pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, a shout-out to me AND sweet photos of your boys!! Thanks for letting me know to come check it out! I LOVE stripes myself and think the boys' sweaters are great!! Fun collage:) And, of course, I'd photograph them for you, too, and give you a good Best Commenter Of All Time discount so you wouldn't have to empty your pocketbook:)

Kelly Vasami said...

Great pictures!!! :) And you know I'm picky about such things - tee hee! I love them - the boys are natural and smiling and really look like they are enjoying themselves! And I LOVE the blue and yellow. (I just put Jake in a shirt that looks alot like these yesterday and I just think it looks so nice!)

The top middle one of Connor is my favorite!

P.S. - I'd LOVE to photograph the boys someday! They are adorable! MckMama and I can fight over them :)