Saturday, June 28, 2008

Add it to my resume'

I can't help it. I'm a girlie-girl. My other friends with boys and I joke that God gave us boys because we would be in debt up to our eyeballs if we had girls. It's not just the whole paying-for-the-wedding argument either; I mean, I totally melt when I see little pink outfits with bunnies, ruffles and lace, or those teeny-weenie baby girl bows. And don't get me started on my Hello Kitty obsession. So, you must understand that bugs never offered any allure on my end. I'm sure that, as a kid, I killed my fair share of caterpillars in a jar, and lightning bugs are always a summertime thrill. But regular old bugs? thanks. Except that now, I have two little boys who just happen to love bugs. So, what's a mommy to do? Well, she becomes an expert bug-finder, utilizes her acting chops, and smiles at her boys' excitement. In fact, before school ended, our daily routine included searching for bugs on our walkway. Pumpkin is especially thrilled by ants, while Peanut's favorite is the roly-poly (also known as a potato bug or an armadillo bug).
Pumpkin searches for ants

They found a roly-poly!

Peanut shows off his new friend

Now that it is summer and we are frequently in the backyard, I even know where to look for the occasional centipede, spider, or slug. So, I guess I have a new skill to add to my resume'. Just don't ask me to touch a slug. That is, unless you put a cute pink bow on its head.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! I don't even do this that often with Emma, who loves to find bugs(but not bees). Looks like they are having a ton of fun. Extra kudos for going outside on a hot day!


Peanuts and Pumpkins said...

Eeeew. We hate bugs over here in the GIRL version of Peanut and Pumpkin Land. You're a good sport!

As for the web design thing... those items in the side bar are called Widgets. I know they get lost when you insert a new template. It is VERY annoying. I don't know enough either to figure out how to save them exactly, but I think if you look at your current blog template in HTML you might be able to find the Widgets and copy that part of the code onto a clipboard or some other location where you can pick them up again and maybe try to re-insert them into the new blog template? I haven't actually tried this theory yet, but maybe I'll play around with it. If you want to email me at we could chat more about it!

Lisa said...

How sweet in their hats and backpack! Roly Poly...that was my favorite. I don't think I can tolerate anything else.

It is a whole new life with boys isn't it!

That stuff on my picture was just me expressing myself. :-) It was better there on my picture instead of wearing neon or getting another bad haircut.

Kelly said...

Very cute! We've been doing our share of bug hunting lately here too. We found a whole community of roly-polys in our backyard the other day. Good to know. Jake calls almost any bug a 'pider, but I am glad that there aren't nearly as many spiders as he thinks we have. I'd die from the gross-out factor alone! Aren't boys such an adventure? ;)

Gemma said...

Like Kristen, I am also proud of you. I know how "un-fond" you are of creepy-crawlies! :) Good job, Mommy!