Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I recently did a double-take when I saw my little pumpkin enjoying his cereal at the table. I was transformed back to my childhood of the seventies, sitting waytooclose to the television set. Ring any bells?

For those of you who are just too darn young or need a refresher, click here for the infamous commercial.

Here's hoping you are enjoying your Life today.


Lisa said...

Oh, yeah. I'm definitely old enough. I'll also eat anything.
He is such a cutie (your kid, not Mikey). He could be his own little commercial. I think millions could be in his future. Wouldn't be nice to not have to grade any more papers?

Kristin said...

"Mikey likes it" Oh man! I, too, am old enough to remember those commercials! Too cute!

Gemma said...

There is a certain resemblance between Connor and Mikey, although Pumpkin is a million times cuter! I continue to be amazed at what a big boy (sniff, sniff) he is becoming (Connor, not Mikey---although I guess Mikey is a really big boy by now!)