Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunshine Day

Everybody's smilin'
Sunshine day
Everybody's laughin'
Sunshine day
Everybody seems
So happy today
It's a sunshine day

(Did I mention school is out?!?)

P.S. Five extra credit points on the report card of anyone who can name
the artist of the above lyrics.


Anonymous said...

The Brady Bunch sings this song. Do i have to mention that the beginning of Sesame Street has the same tune, so I always get excited when we listen to the SS CD, like Brady Bunch might actually be mixed up in it.

Talk to you soon,

Kristin said...

+5 to Kristen! It was The Brady Bunch. :)

kathy said...

Oh, if I had only looked at the blog earlier, I would have the +5.
So glad that school is over.
I love that picture of Connor!
Have a wonderful day.

Gemma said...

Grrrr! I thought I had it nailed w. the Brady Bunch! But, alas, I am too late! My excuse? Had a house guest for the last 5 days, and this was my first chance to check your blog. Hey, coulda been Jethro Tull, too, maybe?

Love the joy in Connor's face. Too beautiful.

Peanuts and Pumpkins said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so HAPPY! I love the sun in his hair - sometimes I wish I had little boys... but then I think of boys as teenagers and the smelly socks, etc... :) It takes a special Mama to raise boys.

And I was going to guess Brady Bunch too!

Kristin said...

I had no clue who sang that song! :) Anyway, yipee, school's out!!!! :)