Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's over already?

Attention All Readers: If you haven't commented on my last trying-to-break-my-own-comment-record-post, it's not too late! Please add your comment below. Thanks a bunch to those of you who obliged with such nice things to say.

Do you guys wish Christmas was a lot longer as much as I do? I felt the same way last Christmas (as I documented here), so I guess it's one of my many issues. I just feel like we spend so much time in preparation for the big day, and afterwards, it's on to New Year's. Not that we don't spread out the fun over here; we have three sets of grandparents who want to have Christmas with us, which is a great way to continue the spirit. But I am so disappointed when the same radio stations who broadcast nothing but holiday music starting on the day after Thanksgiving refuse to keep those songs playing after midnight on Christmas and I hear Fall Out Boy for the billionth time instead on December 26th. Don't other people besides me want to enjoy Christmas music longer than that?

Oh, well. Here are some of the highlights of our holidays. Hope yours were just as happy!

Peanut showing Rudolph some love

Peanut showing Pumpkin some love

A little excited for Santa to come

Peanut's gingerbread house he made in his kindergarten class. He ate some of it before it came home and one of the walls was falling off, but it did survive a bookbag walk home, after all.

Our family attempt at a gingerbread house. It's certainly not Martha Stewart or nowhere near Adrienne's masterpiece, but the boys really liked it and we had a good time creating it. By the way, remind me next year to cut an even smaller slit in the icing package. You can always make it bigger, Kristin!

Aerial view of the House of Gs

Anyone excited that it's Christmas Eve?!? Anyone?

One of Peanut's favorite gifts...a Christmas Edition Buzz Lightyear

Peanut was so sentimental about getting this talking Larry Boy plush from the Veggie Tales (that turns inside out back into Larry the cucumber), he said that even when he is a grown-up, he never wants to sell it at a yard sale. :)

Leave it to Pumpkin to enjoy the $1.99 M&M fan from his stocking as much as all of his toys.

Happy "brudders" as Pumpkin says

And finally...our beautiful Christmas tree in our garden room

Okay, that may not actually be our Christmas tree. But we did go to see it. And we did take pictures of it (along with hundreds of other people who apparently also wanted the Christmas spirit to continue even though it was a few days after Christmas). Hope you allow the Christmas spirit to linger in your hearts a little longer than the calendar suggests as well, and hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.


Kathy B. said...

Happy New Year!!
Love your new header as well as all your other pictures.
I especially love what you have done to your garden room !!!!!
I think you had an outstanding Christmas and I thank you for sharing the pictures.

Gemma said...

I, too, love your tree and your garden room. We just got home from D.C. this afternoon, and I couldn't wait to check your blog and see what holiday pics awaited me. Are these boys too cute?? (rhetorical) Sorry Pop and I don't have the stamina to meet you at Xmas village tonight. Please take (and post) lots of pics for us and all your readers.

Kudos on the gingerbread house. It is v-e-r-y impressive. You are such a good mom!!

Love to all of you, and a very Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Love all these pictures - thanks (and love that homeboy tshirt)

Veronica Lee said...

Great blog! Welcome to MBC.

Gemma said...

Forgot to tell you how much I like the new header! Da bomb!

Amy Jo said...

I keep the Christmas music going way past December 25th, but we mostly listen to music on the computer, so it's easy. Love your kids matching jammies! They make for really great pictures.

The Beaver Bunch said...

Hi Kristen,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I made my header at I don't have photo shop either and it was a free and EASY solution.

I had to save it, publish it and export it as a jpeg then upload it to blogger in the section where you'd normall upload a pic.

Sorta complicated, but totally worth it being FREE.

BTW, you have some precious boys!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

are you stalking me or something. i swear we used the exact same gingerbread house kit and had the exact same pj's. :)
i popped over to you form MckMama's blog to see if i could figure out where you got the shirts for the Mckids

Kelly said...

I have to say that I LOVE that you still have Christmas music on your blog on January 9th ;)

Please tell me that, like myself, your Christmas tree is still standing in your living room?